Product Availability & Limitations

  • With current inventory levels, we have limited the maximum quantities you can order on some items as we are trying our best to fill all orders. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Our stores are working very hard to maintain in-stock conditions for all items. We ask for your patience since customer demand has been unusually high and many items have been selling out quickly.
  • We’ve also instituted item limits for online orders (maximum quantity of 10 per item). We also ask you to respect in-store item quantity restrictions so all our customers have a chance to purchase the items they need.
  • While our supply chains have experienced no disruptions, many manufacturers have experienced increased sales and their item inventory is extremely low. In addition, some manufacturers have eliminated production of certain items to focus production on high-demand items. Please be assured that as products become available we’ll be bringing them into stores and making them available for online purchase.
  • Also, certain products such as alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and other age-restricted items are not available for delivery or pick up at this time. When you place an online order, we’ll attempt to fulfill it completely with your selected products or acceptable substitutions. Out of stock items may occur based on product availability, and you will not be charged for any missing items.
  • We are working tirelessly with our supplier partners to ensure you have access to fresh food and essentials at fair prices during this challenging time, with new inventory arriving at stores daily. As demand continues for some products, quantity limits per Guest may be imposed until we are able to restock. During your shop with us, we ask all Guests to be considerate and supportive of our community members.
  • Please know that we haven’t changed any of our pricing practices nor have we raised a single price to take advantage of COVID-19. Retailer Name has been building trust with the community for the last 65 years by treating everyone like family and today, that trust is more important than ever before.